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Congress 12

The 12th International Mammalogical Congress will be held in Perth from the 9th–14th July 2017, hosted by the Australian Mammal Society Inc. World-class plenaries, up-to-the-minute presentations and field trips focussed on Western Australia's most interesting and iconic mammals will delight you! The local organising committee is working hard to bring you an unforgettable experience!

International Federation of Mammalogists (formerly IUBS Section of Mammalogy)

Founded  1974, as the Section of Theriology (Mammalogy) of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS). Statutes amended at 5th International Theriological Congress, Aug 1989, Rome (Italy). In 2006; transformed into the International Federation of Mammalogists, still under IUBS auspices.

Aims  Promote international cooperation and understanding in the science of mammalogy (theriology); to encourage collaboration in conservation of mammals, in research, in the preservation of mammal collections, in the computerization of collection data, in the exchange of students, data, and specimens, in promoting a stable and evolutionarily based nomenclature, in issuance of collecting and specimen export permits, and in any activities that promote knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s mammalian fauna. The Federation also organizes International Mammalogical Congresses (formerly ITC’s) generally at four year intervals.

Structure  A federation of organizations that are in whole or in part devoted to the science of Mammalogy. Governance is through a Board of Directors consisting of 4 officers elected for 4 year terms, the immediate Past President, and official representatives of member organizations. In addition an Assembly meets at least once at each international congress (IMC), and all registered participants are voting members of this body. Both Standing and Ad hoc Committees function continuously.

Finance  Currently, there are no dues. The elected Treasurer is responsible for a small fund generated by surplus monies from previous congresses, and from private donations. Loans and/or grants can be made to Congress organizing committees if needed.

Activities   International Mammalogical Congresses  (every 4 years), formerly known as  International Theriological Congresses; committees work on conservation, systematic collections, nomenclature, history/archives, and other topics as needed. A web site will enhance communication among mammalogists throughout the world as well as with interested public.

Events  Congresses:  Moscow (USSR) 1974, Brno (Czechoslovakia) 1978, Helsinki (Finland) 1982, Edmonton (Canada) 1985, Rome (Italy) 1989, Sydney (Australia) 1993, Acapulco (Mexico) 1997, Sun City (South Africa) 2001, Sapporo (Japan) 2005, Mendoza (Argentina) 2009, Belfast, (UK) 2013. A twelfth congress is planned for 2017 in Perth, Australia.

Members  There are no individual memberships except that all registrants at each  Congress are voting members of the Assembly which meets at all congresses. Permanent members are the mammalogical organizations that comprise the Federation  with their official representatives being members of the Board of Directors. Member societies that have more than 1000 member mammalogists in good standing can appoint an additional representative, those that have more than 2000 such members can appoint a third representative, etc., up to a maximum of 5 representatives.

  • 15th International Conference on Rodent Biology, Rodens & Spatium. invitation

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