2017 was the year of BITCOINmining. Is it profitable to do this in 2018, is it worth digging?

2017 was the year of BITCOIN mining. Is it profitable to do this in 2018, is it worth mining?

Crypto Mining LTD is a proven service that offers flexible rate plans.

Cloud mining allows you to “get into” cryptocurrency production with relatively low costs, while also making a profit (although less than mining on your own powerful hardware).

So, you can recommend a closer look at cloud solutions for 2018, as well as to monitor the new appearance and development of old but worthless altcoins that distribute computing power and investment to extract the most profitable for the near future or have growth potential. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the long term, as the cryptocurrency market is still poorly predictable.

Bitcoin – now a mineral? As mentioned earlier, at the end of 2017, the complexity of bitcoin mining increased dramatically. Similarly, the profitability of mining has also changed: for example, if on February 20, 2017 the profit on a conventional ASIC miner at a rate of 14 tehrayshes (theoretical maximum for S9) was about $7.99 per day, now the daily profit will increase. it will be about 12 USD.

It should be taken into account that such an increase was possible only due to an increase in the pace. If BTC was worth around $1000 and returns would be significantly lower.

It can be assumed that the complexity will continue to increase and the production of bitcoin will become the prerogative of large farms with sufficient power. Extracting it alone is now no longer profitable, with huge costs required to create a competitive farm.

Crypto Mining LTD

One of the most popular services among US and UK citizens. The company’s servers are located in Ireland, which guarantees stable operation and a low risk of equipment failure. On the plus side, the ease of use of customers from all over the world, the convenient interface of the site, it is necessary to carry fifteen languages ​​u200bu200bin the site – it will not be difficult for a beginner user to understand the intricacies of work on the site. There is also 24/7 online support for consultants.

The customer has 7 fixed rate plans. Users are offered to rent servers with different capacities up to 3125000 Gh/s per customer. These plans range in price from $10,000 to $500,000. You can use the calculator on the main page of the site to understand how profitable it is to rent a capacity in this company.

Today, the company’s equipment:

Hardware based on Sun chips at 16 nm, Neptune at 20 nm, machines – Spondoolies-Tech SP50, Bitmain Antminer S9, AntMiner S7, AntMiner S5, Antminer S3, AntMiner R4, C3SS5 (Smart Heat), Avalon Tech 6, SSP3- For the SHA256 algorithm.

MINER TITAN for SCRYPT algorithm.

iBeLink DM384M for X11 algorithm.

New products:

The innovation is computing devices based on 28 nm chips of the latest models and 16 nm BitFury chips, which are leaders in energy efficiency.

Go to https://crypto-mining.ltd to access the company website

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